Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

7 & 8 September 2016


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e-commerce leaders


Established suppliers
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Venture capitalists


E-commerce associations


Deliver One is about putting standards at a higher level :

  • Unique concentration of global e-commerce leaders coming from 25 countries in Europe, Americas and Asia
  • High level forum with large corporations, startups, policy makers, e-commerce associations, media and investors
  • Showcases of latest innovations: VR, AR, delivery drones, Electric cars…
  • Keynotes and workshop studios on latest trends in e-Logistics

Deliver One will be also the first ever B2B event to live stream its keynotes in Virtual Reality. 500 journalists across Europe have received their specifically designed Deliver One cardboards to attend our exciting plenary sessions as if they were in the room with us. Actually anyone, can follow our keynotes either with the Youtube player or by downloading the VRTUOZ app :


So let’s meet here on September 7th at 11am & 6.30pm and on September 8th at 9am & 3.30pm (CET time)!

Day 1

  • 11:00 | 11:15

    Opening speech by Luxembourg Vice Prime Minister
  • 11:15 | 12:00

    Panel discussion by e-commerce associations across Europe
    Overview of European e-commerce delivery mosaic
  • 12:00 | 13:00

    Cocktail Lunch
  • 13:00 | 18:30

    One-to-one meetings & workshop studios
  • 18:30 | 19:30

    Keynote and live demo by drone startups Starship and Copter Express
    Last mile disruption with delivery automation & robotics
  • 20:00 | 21:30

    Cocktail dinner
  • 21:30

    Live concert & DJ set & champagne chill

Day 2

  • 09:00 | 10:00

    Keynote by Amazon VP for Logistics in Europe
    Amazon secret sauce: a focus on operational innovation and excellence
  • 10:00 | 12:00

    One-to-one meetings & workshop studios
  • 12:00 | 13:00

    Cocktail Lunch
  • 13:00 | 15:30

    One-to-one meetings & workshop studios
  • 15:30 | 16:15

    Keynote by Deputy DG for entrepreneurship at European Commission
    Inauguration of the EU co-funded “Deliver in Europe” platform
  • 16:15 | 16:30

    Closing speech by Luxembourg Prime Minister
  • 16:30 | 17:00

    Collaborative Awards ceremony
  • 17:00

    Farewell and meet you at Deliver Two in 2017!

The 4 plenary sessions will deliver a 360° view on e-commerce and logistics to stay ahead of the curve with e-commerce associations picturing trends in delivery & returns; last mile disruptors with delivery drones live demos; Amazon’s longstanding investment in their fulfillment capabilities as a key success factor; inauguration by the European Commission of the online platform that will help e-retailer SMEs find relevant e-Logistics partners.

The 8 workshop studios will bring a group of e-retailers in a room working collaboratively on pain points and best practices, and co-create the future solutions on following themes: Last mile innovation, Packaging supplies, Customer choice in checkout, E-commerce in Russia, Standardization, Crossborder trade, Packaging machines and Asia-Europe e-commerce flows.

The experiential showcase area with hands-on demonstrations of latest environmental & technological breakthroughs that will transform retail and the world as we know it: Electric Vehicles test drives with BMWi, Virtual Reality headsets try-ons with VRTUOZ, Augmented Reality demonstration with KUDAN, and a photo exhibition with PUR PROJET.

Hundreds of highly effective one-to-one meetings with CEOs and top level managers among suppliers exploring in their cozy business lounge partnership opportunities with global e-commerce decision makers.


Xavier Bettel
Luxembourg Prime Minister

Xavier Bettel was appointed Prime Minister, Minister of State and Minister for Communications and Media in 2013. He was Member of the Parliament between 1999 and 2013 and mayor of the City of Luxembourg between 2011 and 2013.

Etienne Schneider
Luxembourg Deputy Prime Minister

Étienne Schneider joined the government in 2012 as Minister of the Economy. Following the 2013 elections, he was appointed Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Economy, Minister of Internal Security and Minister of Defense.

Philippe Hémard
VP Logistics for Amazon Europe

Philippe Hémard is an historic ‘Amazonian’. His current duties consist no less than to build Earth’s best delivery network with the set up of a platform used from Amazon Fulfillment Centers to customers called ‘The Last Mile’.

Irmfried Schwimann
European Commission Deputy DG for SMEs

Irmfried Schwimann is Deputy Director General in DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs. In her function, she is also in charge of COSME, the funding program which has co-funded the platform ‘Deliver in Europe’.

Andrew Sholokhovich
Copter Express Drone evangelist

Andrew Sholokhovich is a trailblazer in the drone industry and achieved in early 2013 the first commercial pizza delivery by drone. Andrew has also created the Russian Association of Small Unmanned Aerial Systems.

Keith Cornell
Starship Chief Commercial Officer

Keith, a seasoned investor, joined Starship soon after its creation in 2014 by 2 former Skype founders after a NASA competition to design the next generation of robots to explore Mars. Starship robots drive autonomously on sidewalks.

Panel discussion
E-commerce associations

This high level panel discussion will include a dozen of e-commerce association representatives from all parts of Europe, from Portugal to Russia, and represent the diversity of e-commerce landscape at international level.

Retailers Members

Our 200 retailer members coming from 30 countries are all decision makers (20% are CEOs and 80% are C-levels) from largest e-retailers in Europe, Asia and Americas and represent collectively 100 billion euros in online sales and 1 billion packages on the continent.

Co-owner & E-Commerce Manager

Transport & Logistics Director

Business Development Manager Benelux
Cainiao Business Development Director


Sort Operations Director Europe
Logistics Development Director Europe
Transport Director Germany
Supply Chain Director Europe
Transport Director Southern Europe
External Fulfillment Director
Product Management Senior Manager
VP Logistics Europe

Director Operation EMEA

Wholesale E-Commerce Director

Logistics Director Germany

Operations Manager Germany

Global Supply Chain Director

Supply Chain Manager

Business Development Manager

Co-Owner International Expansion Manager

E-Commerce Director

Logisticts & Operations Manager

Logistics Manager


Operations Director

Global Logistics Director

Transport and distribution manager

Pick & pack Manager

Country Manager France

Supply Chain Director

Operations Manager

Head of Last Mile Logistics

VP Logistics & Category Management

Transport & Distribution Director




Co-Founder & Head of Marketing

E-commerce Supply Chain Director

Transport Director

Global Logistics Director

Operations Director Russia

Head of E-commerce Logistics

Supply Chain Director

Chief E-commerce Director

Executive Director Poland

Senior Product Manager

Carrier Manager

Group Projects Director
Logistics Director Poland
Supply Chain Manager
E-commerce Director Poland
Supply Chain Director

Supply Chain Director

COO India


Operations Director


Digital Strategy Manager

E-Commerce Director

E-shop Manager

Managing Director


Supply Operations Manager

Head of Operations Belgium

Head of Purchasing and Logistics

Supply Chain Director

Head of e-Commerce

e-Commerce Consultant

COO & Co-founder

Head of Operations EMEA

Logistics Manager

Operations Manager

Supply Chain Manager

Senior Logistics Coordinator

Stock, Logistics and Operations Manager

Head of Warehousing

Global Head of Supply Chain Processes


Director Strategic Project Management



Logistics Director


COO Europe

Logistics Director Europe

Omnichannel Supply Chain Manager


General Manager

Distribution and Transport Director

Global Supply Chain VP

Group COO

Group General Manager

Transport Director

Logistics Director

Global Chief E-commerce Officer

Director, Global Logistics and Planning of Development

Operation Directors

Head of Supply Chain


Transport Director

Head of Supply Chain Execution





COO France

Transport Director France


Business Unit Director


General Manager

Operations Manager

E-commerce COO

Group Production Director

Head of shipping


COO - Marketing

E-Commerce Manager

Group COO

Operations Director Italy

COO & Co-founder

Managing Director Supply Chain

President & Owner

Managing Director E-Commerce

Head of Supply Chain Turkey

VP Supply Chain

Operations Director Benelux

Distribution Manager

CEO Rossignol Apparel


Supply Chain Manager

E-Logistics Manager Europe

CTO & Founder


CEO & Founder

Transport Manager

Supply Chain Director

VP Supply Chain & Customer Service Europe

Global Supply Chain Project Managers

Product Owner

Head of e-commerce

Operations Director

Operations Director 

Head of Logistics

Head of Freight and B2B Shipping

Managing Director

Supply Chain Director


Chief International Officer

COO Ulmart Store Project

Logistics & Supply Chain Manager

Head of Logistics & After Sales

Transport & Logistics Director

Transport Manager

Transport Director

Founder & CTO

Logistics Director


Operations Manager

Head of Logistics Europe

VP Supplies Business

Logistics & Supply Chain Manager

Transport Director

Head of Yandex Market

Deputy COO

Head of Logistics Business Development

Supplier Members

Deliver One is sponsored by a limited number of e-Logistics service providers – either corporate champions or rising stars. Deliver One is a powerful business accelerator for our sponsors thanks to the prescheduled one-to-one meetings with decisions makers who are twice as many.

DPDgroup delivers everyday more than 3,6 million carbon neutral parcels across Europe’s largest road network. DPDgroup is the creator of the Predict service, which lets recipients know the exact hour their parcel will arrive.

Raja is the leading European distributor of packaging covering 15 countries with the largest choice of packaging in Europe made of 10,000 products from protection, sealing, shipping and wrapping.

Ranpak is the leading manufacturer of paper solutions for protecting products during storage and shipping. Over nearly 40 years, more than 400 patents have been registered for paper cushioning and void fill systems.

POST Luxembourg Group is the country’s largest employer and continues its diversification strategy – from a national postal and telecom service provider to an international recognized e-commerce fulfillment partner.

Neopost Shipping, global technology expert in data acquisition present in Europe, America and Asia, develops parcel shipping and tracking offers, recording every month 180 million traceability events for 50 million packages. Neopost Shipping is a partner of the Fevad/Deliver e-Logistics scorecard.

Temando brings the management of multiple carriers in a single system in the checkout process and gives the ability to handle hundreds of delivery options across the globe. Temando also helps manage shipping fees in the order basket according to configurable rules.

CVP-500 is an automated packing solution that packs orders in fit-to-size parcels and hence uses less packing materials while reducing carbon footprint. Beyond improved end customer perception, it generates savings in fulfillment (no more filling material) and in delivery (lower volumetric weight).

The Packcity automated parcel terminals network is an easy-to-use and convenient solution to collect and return orders, also as an in-store "Click & Collect" strategy for click and mortar retailers. It is an affordable solution which contributes to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

GS1 is a global, neutral, non-profit standards organization that brings efficiency and transparency to the supply chain. Starting with the creation of the barcode 40 years ago, it helps its million member organizations create a common language that underpins systems and processes all over the world.

DHL Express is the global market leader in the international express delivery business, specializing in time and day critical shipments to all corners of the world. You can rely on the expertise of our local people in more than 220 countries and territories to ensure your shipment is delivered securely and on time.

Colis Privé, with 35 million packages per year, is the main alternative to the Post in France for home delivery service in 24 and 48 hour. Beyond having the keys for all building access and mailboxes, Colis Privé can offer in one single contract delivery services for pick up points and lockers.

CMC has a track record in developing and patenting innovative mailing and packaging solutions. With a strong engineering and IT department, the company timely fulfills the customers’ requirements and accelerate the innovation agenda in variable packaging and shipping solutions.

CARTONWRAP is an automatic box on demand solution that creates 1.000 packages per hour. Each box is created specifically for its content, eliminating void fillers and reducing shipping volumes and costs. The newest Packvertizing full color printing technology even offers branding opportunities now.

Generix, a software editor of collaborative applications, has deployed among 5,000 customers solutions to monitor all supply chain events (Easy Order Tracking) and improve visibility over omnichannel stock and orders (Logistics Order Management)

Redyser is a Spanish courier and express delivery service for domestic, European and international companies, developing as the link between their shippers and consignees solutions for demanding customers asking for tailor-made services, transparency and flexibility.

SPSR Express has over 15 years of extensive experience in supporting major international e-tailers in postal services, express-delivery and warehouse logistics, both in CIS countries and globally, offering a range of innovative cross-border solutions. SPSR Express is truly a partner for growth!

SprintPack provides domestic and international delivery & returns solutions, e-commerce fulfillment and webservices. SprintPack operates worldwide with distribution centers in Belgium for the European market and Beijing for the Chinese market.

WelcomeTrack unifies all carriers tracing systems to monitor them, detect delivery exceptions and proactively inform the customer. WelcomeTrack is a partner of the Fevad/Deliver e-Logistics scorecard, which publishes unique (big) data-driven insights on French e-commerce, from click to possession.

For 1€ per order, Cubyn takes care of collection and packing at e-retailer premises as well as shipping with its delivery partners at discounted rates. It is a convenient solution for SMEs to outsource their logistics with a pay-as-you-go scheme…

what3words has developed an original mapping solution dividing the entire globe in 3x3 meters areas named after 3 words assembled together to replace zip codes. It is extremely precise, stable no matter the construction work, and easy to remember.

FacilityLockers automates your pickup point by offering a locker-based Click & Collect in-store solution. Get rid of queues at your desks by installing automated delivery Lockers in your shops, malls and other venues. Communicate in real-time to your clients for an optimized customer experience.

The TK'Blue transport rating agency offers a collaborative platform for shippers and carriers to exchange. It provides them with a tool to help them optimize their economic and environmental performances, issue CO2 and CSR reports that are in compliance with all new norms and regulations in effect.

Tousfacteurs is an on-demand last-mile delivery solution based on an embedded technology providing customers with a personalized delivery service. We support brands in raising customers satisfaction to an unprecedented level by creating innovative efficient services for their clients.

We believe in Collective Intelligence for sustainable logistics. URBANTZ is a software for logistics players to manage and monitor in a collaborative, secured and transparent way, the whole delivery chain from the initial orders to the final recipient, first and last mile for companies.

MeestGroup is an expert on cross border e-commerce in Eastern Europe markets and offers customized postal logistics solutions to and within Ukraine, Poland, Czech and Slovak Republics: first mile, custom clearance, courier delivery, pick-points and postmates, track-and-trace, COD collection, returns.

Parcel Warehouse specializes in freight forwarding across the globe and works with the world’s biggest courier and logistics companies. We are the market leaders for freight forwarding within the UK and for worldwide delivery, with a dedicated freight team to handle parcels and pallets to and from Europe.

RECS, Responsive E-Commerce Shipping, is the first logistics module for e-commerce that allows shoppers to choose the exact date and time slot to receive their purchase in checkout, thanks to service agreements with various carriers that adapt to customers’ needs.

Since 1890, when the business was founded in Bremen, Germany, by August Kuehne and Friedrich Nagel, Kuehne + Nagel has grown into one of the world's leading logistics providers. Today, the Kuehne + Nagel Group has more than 1,200 offices in over 100 countries, with approximately 68,000 employees.

Cargolux Airlines has established itself as a leading provider of reliable, high-quality air cargo services. Cargolux uses a modern fleet of Boeing 747-8 and 747-400 freighters and a number of trucking contractors on its worldwide network that covers some 90 destinations.

CFL multimodal develops individualized full-service logistics concepts. Thanks to its broad, high-quality and personalized service portfolio, CFL multimodal covers the entire logistics chain: warehousing services, city logistics, freight forwarding, road logistics, custom services, added-value services, etc.

Weblogistics is specialized in B2C and B2B E-Commerce logistics. Home delivery, fast or express, mail and parcels. The specific offer includes: processing, assembling, kitting, product personalization, customer service and return logistics.

2.0 e-Fulfillment and Cross-Dock Services is a new straight-forward fulfilment house for centralized e-logistics in the heart of Europe. Transparent real-time order picking and cross-border shipment drops are the ingredients of our triple-win service. A start-up with experience.

Based in Luxembourg, Clear Logistics offers tailored IT solutions to its clients. The entrepreneurial focus lies on the business fields around E-Logistics: Freight procurement, Benchmarking, Rate Management and Supplier Relationship Management.


Some of the most active tech investors will be present to grasp our industry trends and maybe discover at Deliver One the next moonshot!


E-commerce associations are at the center of the e-commerce ecosystem. They promote the e-commerce sector through a constant dialogue with policy makers and are the cement of the community with events and statistics.



Czech Republic



e-Commerce Polska




Verkkteollisuus / Verkk





sMind Croatia

sMind Slovenia

Svensk Handel


VIRKE e-Handel


Luxembourg for Business & Innovation

Leading e-commerce players have already chosen Luxembourg as their base for conducting successful business throughout the European market. Ranked 2nd in the World Bank 2016 Logistics Performance Index, Luxembourg is perfectly positioned to become a prime logistics hub for cross-border e-retailers in Europe.

Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber of Commerce is a public institution which brings together all businesses (apart from those in the agriculture and crafts sectors), which have their own professional chambers. In Luxembourg, all natural persons, commercial companies and branches of foreign businesses located in Luxembourg are affiliated to the Chamber of Commerce.

Cluster for Logistics

The association Cluster for Logistics represents the interests of Luxembourg logistics service providers and can help you to find the right logistics companies and public support to grow in Europe. Meet 6 members of the Cluster for Logistics on our common stand.


Luxair is the airline company of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and Deliver One’s official carrier. Modern and efficient, it plays a key role in Luxembourg’s economy by connecting the country to many European cities and major business centers. Luxair offers high levels in security, service and comfort, thus continuously pushing for highest standards to become sustainably a benchmark company.


A partnership between BMW i – the electric range of BMW cars – and Deliver One has seemed very natural as both brands share similar values of sustainability, performance, digital innovation and exclusivity. BMW will display the city-savvy BMW i3, whose latest generation can drive electric 400 km, and the futuristic roadster BMW i8, which reaches 100km/h in 4 seconds… Both electric vehicles will be available for test drives.


DPI is the Strategic Thinking and Engagement Consultancy and the group animation expertise that is used during workshop studios to engage participants and juice out as many brilliant insights from an empowered group of people as possible under the principle of wisdom of the crowds. DPI is managed in Europe by John Acton.


VRTUOZ is the only platform that allows any virtual reality user to experiment 360 live events in a collective way through a mobile app. VRTUOZ users can create and customize their own private virtual space, choose avatar and then join other users to live virtual reality experiences with them. By combining 360 live video streams and social functionalities like vocal chat, VRTUOZ is offering a brand new way to connect.


Kudan is a leading global Augmented Reality (AR) Engine company based in UK and Japan founded in 2011. Kudan has advanced tracking options, it can recognize and track complex 3D environments, offer the capability to position AR content on any surface and it offers the unique possibility to map the environment and get information out of it.

Pur Projet

Pur Projet, selected by Deliver One to compensate all generated CO2 emissions, is led by Tristan Lecomte, founder of Alter Eco fair trade grocery brand who now lives in a forest in Thailand. The beauty expressed in the enchanting photo exhibition displayed, courtesy of Pur Projet, is an opportunity of self reflection on the joint destiny shared by trees and humans, more than ever bound to work hand in leaf as belonging to the same sensitive ecosystem.

Champagne Veuve Reuther

The Champagne Veuve Reuther is the official Deliver One provider of champagne. This domain is born at the end of 19th century next to Reims, when the widow Reuther developed an exclusive blend between different sorts of Meunier, Pinot Noir and Chardonnay grapes creating a balanced and refined taste.

Venue & Moodboard

Luxembourg City

Terra incognita for most Europeans who yet live only 1 or 2 hours away, Luxembourg City is exoticism at your doorstep! We take the bet that once you’ll discover its charms, you’ll come back to enjoy its laid back atmosphere.

European Convention Center

Feel the history at the European Convention Center, where some pages of the European Union have been written, and still where EU Ministers gather every year.

Rives de Clausen

The Rives de Clausen are located downtown and next to a UNESCO world heritage site, where the city was founded in the Middle Ages. 1000 years later, this is where we’ll have our cocktail dinner to chill out and profit from the (hopefully!) nice weather. By the way, you’re not allergic to champagne, are you?

Luxurious hotels & gourmet food

Our guest members will enjoy the highest level of hospitality the city can offer as we have nothing but booked all the 4* and 5* hotel rooms available in the city. Our exclusive concierge service includes gourmet finger food for our lunches with a high level of service to delight even the most demanding tastes.


European Commission

One of the highest priorities of the Juncker Commission is to turn EU into a digital single market, which requires to improve transparency in crossborder parcel delivery. For that reason, the European Commission is co-financing the platform ‘Deliver in Europe’ that will be inaugurated during Deliver One. The platform will make it super easy for e-retailers to find the most suited e-Logistics operators for their needs (delivery, fulfillment and supply chain technology).

Our Values

We love e-Logistics and are passionate to magnify it. It is high time to give e-Logistics the place it deserves and to promote with this forum the primary role played by supply chain in customer satisfaction and commercial success.

Ecological responsibility

Deliver One is ecologically conceived and is completely carbon neutral, by offsetting ALL its CO2 emissions. Here, we go paperless; there, we safeguard hectares of endangered trees to make sure that our footprint is only a positive one. Our collective contribution is the preservation of 500 ha of Amazonian forest in Peru during one year, i.e. 1 ha per Deliver One member.

The We and the I

Deliver One has been carefully assembled by Stephane Tomczak who is a 10 year veteran in European e-Logistics, first as an e-retailer with Pixmania then as the head of e-Logistics for e-commerce associations (Fevad and Ecommerce Europe). Next challenge: connect e-Logistics in Europe with both the European platform Deliver in Europe and the event Deliver One. Stephane’s LinkedIn profile

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