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Our Supply Chain Breakout Sessions

At every DELIVER event, our sponsors share their supply chain expertise in a valuable, insightful breakout session program. Here are just some of the highlights from DELIVER America 2023:

DELIVER 2023 Breakout: Accelerating Growth - Carhartt's Journey to Automation, Locus Robotics

Carhartt, a legacy brand, collaborated with DHL Supply Chain to enhance distribution. Leveraging Locus Robotics' LocusONE platform, they increased productivity, reduced operational costs, and uplifted workforce morale in warehousing endeavors.

DELIVER 2023 Breakout: Automation – Investing in Your Growth Strategy. Plan and Prepare for the Next Surge, Kuehne+Nagel

Demand, declining workforce and consumer expectations drive the adoption of supply chain automation. Which investments should you make, and when should you implement them? Sebastian Wouters hosts a discussion with industry experts.

DELIVER 2023 Breakout: How Retailers Can Effectively Leverage Data to Drive Success, OSA Commerce

Supply chain optimization is top of mind for all retailers. But do you have the technology to enhance operations and effectively meet challenges? Join Osa as we share how collaboration and data sharing will give you the power you need to succeed.

DELIVER 2023 Breakout: The Power of Omnichannel Unification, Delivery Solutions

Can smarter connection points afford greater automation, driving customer loyalty by delivering an experience exceeding expectations? Hear how brands use Delivery Solutions’ Omnichannel Experience Management (OXM) to efficiently orchestrate fulfillment.

DELIVER 2023 Breakout: Unlocking Value in Operations, 6 River Systems

Industry leaders are benefitting from solutions provided by 6 River Systems, part of Ocado Group. Learn how NRI achieved dramatic fulfillment productivity gains and the value SVT Robotics, a 6RS partner, delivers in accelerating system deployments.


DELIVER 2023 Breakout: Mastering Big and Bulky Returns: Transform Unavoidable Costs into Potential Revenue, Sharetown

Explore how a new approach to managing returns can eliminate logistics costs, increase efficiency, and provide a better customer experience. Stop viewing returns as a cost you can’t avoid and start viewing them as a potential revenue source.


You can enjoy all the DELIVER America 2023 breakout sessions on our YouTube page:

DELIVER Events youtube channel