Carbon Offsetting

Since its creation in 2016, DELIVER has been offsetting all the carbon emissions of its participants at our in-person and digital events, and we are now proudly 100% CO2 neutral, including Scope 2 emissions.


Sustainability Awards

We have purposely chosen Amsterdam as the venue for the in-person event to minimise travel for attendees as far as possible. And we present a Sustainability Award every year to an innovation that can make a significant impact in reducing CO2 emissions in e-commerce.

Gender Diversity Pledge

We look after each other, too – we ensure everyone in our organisation is treated with respect. 50% of the DELIVER team are female and 60% of our managerial roles are occupied by women.

Commitment to Work/Life Balance

Our team is fully remote, allowing everyone to achieve the work-life balance that is so crucial to a successful and forward-thinking organisation.

We remain committed to excellence and innovation as we grow, and to fostering the powerful relationships that make our industry tick.



Team members


Female workforce


Carbon neutral

Don't wait to CONNECT. 


Our virtual conference CONNECT Global is back in January 2023. Build relationships with industry leaders at our week-long digital event exclusively for C+D level delegates from retail, supply chain and logistics.