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  • Michelle Garres shares insights on mobilising changes in your supply chain, choosing effective changemakers, and mapping your organisation's future.
  • Marian Temmen shares insights on supply chain transparency, staying 'close to the needle' in fashion production, and the importance of serviced provider support.
  • Amelia Kallman shares insights on using AI as a colleague, the 'new fakes market', and educating employees against risk.
  • Jane Burkitt shares insights on leading by welcoming, the power of representation, and energising through engagement.
  • Caroline Zimmermann shares insights on embracing collaboration, 'conducting the orchestra' as a leader, and the importance of a single source of truth.
  • Tony Sciarrotta shares insights on the escalating returns crisis, changing industry mindsets, and locating liability of environmental impacts.
  • Andrew Busby shares insights on the return of 'brick & mortar', the market town renaissance, and the service journey ahead.
  • Gabriel Moos shares insights on cross-border business after Brexit, how to simplify these processes, and the need for customer-focused solutions.
  • Essam ElOkda shares insights on the retail revolution, they hybrid future, and the importance of effective communication.
  • Dr Carolyn Mair shares insights on understanding inclusivity, designing for everyone, and mindful retail.