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DELIVER Asia 2025 – Bonus Keynote Insights 

DELIVER Asia 2025 – Bonus Keynote Insights 

After our DELIVER America and Europe 2023 events wrapped up, we sat down with our fantastic roster of keynote speakers to learn more from their brand, retail and supply chain expertise.

These blog posts provide additional essential perspectives on the key challenges facing our industry, and the creative solutions that can address them.

  • Amelia Kallman shares insights on using AI as a colleague, the 'new fakes market', and educating employees against risk.
  • Bjorn Bengtsson shares insights on sizing technology and returns, plastic buttons in the apparel industry, and accountability for the fashion industry's environmental impact.
  • Jane Burkitt shares insights on leading by welcoming, the power of representation, and energising through engagement.
  • Michelle Garres shares insights on mobilising changes in your supply chain, choosing effective changemakers, and mapping your organisation's future.
  • Renee Smith Nickelson shares insights on the challenges / opportunities in the plant-based food supply chain, how communities are leading the discussion, and how market demands can drive initiatives.
  • Shardé Marchewski shares her insights on supporting under-represented suppliers, how this support drives success, and why DEI is so important in all aspects of our lives.