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DELIVER 2022 brought together visionaries from the e-commerce and logistics ecosystem to share best practice across 52 thought-provoking sessions - and shape the future of the industry. 
  1. Lunch
    • Case Studies
    Case Studies
    Balancing Man & Machine to Finesse Fulfilment
    * A single DC does it all: store replenishment, e-commerce fulfilment, automated & manual processes, multi-brand, 24/7, sales & returns
    * But how to orchestrate both man and machine as and when needed, simultaneously
    * How leading brands are thriving with the integration of machines into their existing networks
    * A case study with Monoprix and Exotec
    • Innovation Theatre
    Innovation Theatre
    Using Intelligent Robotics for Zero-defect Processes and Greater Productivity
    * Moving towards automated processes that will boost throughput, cut costs, and meet growing customer demand
    * How logistics robots are diversifying and achieving proficiency
    * How to pair traditional automation providers with a new wave of startups
    * Co-innovating products and services for efficiency gains in supply chain operations.
    * Why you should seriously consider robotic opportunities and solutions now
    * Micro-fulfilment needs that require novel automation and robotics technologies
    * Better asset utilisation and overall productivity but what legal restrictions on the use of robots near human workers should we be aware of?
    * Addressing ethical concerns and pushback from labour unions on the appropriate level of automation versus human job security
    • Rapid Fire Debate
    Rapid Fire Debate
    How RETAIL/FMCG Companies Adapt to D2C and Create the Optimal Customer Experience
    * Changes in consumption habits within categories & purchasing channels
    * The online sales surge of groceries, hygiene & health products, toys, electronics, hobbies & DIY
    * Enabling supply chains with an eBrand team to compete with digital native brands
    * Boosting e-commerce sales & delivering the best personalised customer experience
    * Overcoming deficient customer fulfilment with effective order management, orchestration & logistics management
    * Increasing competitiveness through intelligent SCs
    • Workshops
    Workshop Studio
    How to Accelerate Carbon-neutral Delivery
    * Eco-selective online buyers expect environmental responsibility from companies: how to speed up your green delivery strategies
    * Innovative, responsible applications that will support and democratise your delivery practices
    * What solutions can be deployed to reduce your carbon footprint throughout the supply chain?
    • Case Studies
    Case Studies
    Creating the Ideal Post-Purchase Customer Experience, and Super-powering Your Differentiators
    * Engaging with your customers beyond the ‘Buy’ button
    * Making post-purchase experiences more efficient and cost-effective
    * Providing convenience and choice for consumers
    * Driving better bottom-line results AND making the greatest impact on sustainability
    Using data from 236 countries and territories around the world, 2bn shipments, and over 8bn customer interactions, this session will help retailers, brands, carriers and 3PLs delight customers, achieve differentiation, and optimise operations
    • Innovation Theatre
    Innovation Theatre
    Culture-driven Innovation: How to Revolutionise Storage
    * How to build innovation as a culture
    * Market changes dictate innovation
    * The importance of flexibility and adaptability to win
    • Rapid Fire Debate
    Rapid Fire Debate
    An Inside Look at the Robotic Revolution and What It All Means for You
    * Innovation and sustainable development for logistics is plausible — what role does the robotics play for carbon-neutral warehouses?
    * Key considerations in choosing the right technology that will solve your issues and future proof your business operations
    * How has warehousing software evolved to make it easier to integrate the robots that are taking on a growing role in fulfilment operations?
    * An exploration of warehouse automation implementations: Cost, service, and flexibility matters
    * Exploring emerging technologies: warehouse Drones, AI, machine learning, and blockchain
    • Workshops
    Workshop Studio
    Making Rapid Delivery Cost Effective — How Lush Cracked the Code
    * Meeting customer demand, driving brand differentiation and loyalty
    * The data-led leverage: How to scale up and optimise your logistics operations
    * The rise of innovative delivery and fulfilment models that maximise the customer experience
    * How to reach peak efficiency across multiple delivery models
    * Fast track to improving your current delivery ecosystem — analysing retailers’ current strengths and weaknesses
    * Why you need to prioritise a connected fulfilment network, automation capabilities, and hyperlocal delivery
    * Overcoming real-time order visibility and travel time
    * Sustainability and carbon emissions considerations
    • Case Studies
    Case Studies
    Orchestrating End-to-end e-Commerce Pickup and Delivery in Fresh Chain: the Story of Co-op
    * Your riddle of the day: Rapidly scale, improve local performance, deliver better customer experience while improving efficiency and agility
    * How SaaS-based, modular technologies can enable unparalleled on-demand grocery convenience
    * Showcasing how to match the convenience of retail grocery by offering reliable, local, one-hour grocery delivery, despite unpredictable levels of demand
    * It is easy as pie: managing, automating, and measuring multiple delivery models that are eco-friendly
    * Manage, automate and measure multiple delivery models
    * Show casing how to match the convenience of retail grocery by offering reliable, local, one-hour grocery delivery, despite unpredictable levels of demand
    • Innovation Theatre
    Innovation Theatre
    Greenwashing or Truly Sustainable Deliveries? What Does This Mean for Business, Government and Consumers?
    * It is difficult for e-commerce and consumers to navigate a market that actively misleads and greenwashes. Consumers may see emission free and carbon neutral deliveries – but is this really solving the problem with congestion?
    * We need to accelerate the sustainability agenda in logistics and incentivise genuine responsibility – this is for Governments to lead. There are many opportunities for businesses to understand how they can build truly sustainable businesses - share case studies
    * What if the market doesn’t change? We know consumers are increasingly demanding it at checkout – and we know that our cities are polluted and congested. The sector needs to change to provide the market what it wants, what it needs, and to secure long-term businesses for the future
    • Rapid Fire Debate
    Rapid Fire Debate
    How to Better Manage Your Return Operations, Boost Efficiency and Reduce Waste
    * What ‘Omnichannel Returns’ means in the modern retail world
    * How it affects returns operations, and the best way to tackle it
    * The Smart Returns Management approach — what is it and how it is different from reverse logistics and how it helps key challenges faced by retailers

    • Workshops
    Workshop Studio
    From Prosecco to Power Drills: How To Create A Last Mile Delivery Promise That Works
    * Why rapid delivery is now a critical part of the supply chain in a post-covid world
    * How to avoid the initial pitfalls when launching a delivery pilot
    * Creating real and sustainable value in a last-mile system
    * How to cater for customers’ expectations on delivery quality
    * Nailing industry-leading delivery experiences for your customers…and couriers
    * The need for operational resilience and potential pathways that’ll reduce costs
    * Why data is the winning formula for a successful last-mile
    • Case Studies
    Case Study
    Successfully Build Your Brand With Frictionless Distribution and Delivery
    * Ship from store: A pandemic retail trend that's here to stay?
    * Delivering to customers and rebuilding Loyalty: why you should provide a delivery option that suits the customer, not the deliverer
    * The role of innovation in a more sustainable future — why it is a good idea to let your customers know the carbon footprint of the delivery option they pick
    * Managing transport administration can feel overwhelming — how you can earn both time and money through simplified handling
    • Innovation Theatre
    Innovation Theatre
    Solutions to Reduce Costs & Increase Speeds — Hyper-Local Fulfilment Networks: Sustainable Out-of-Home Delivery Services
    * Why the success rate of consumer deliveries matters - the status quo of consumer expectations
    * How to improve the economics of e-commerce supply chains through strategic fulfilment networks
    * Technology to drive control, visibility and flexibility
    * Work towards your net zero promise and achieve a social impact
    • Rapid Fire Debate
    Rapid Fire Debate
    When, Where, and How They Want It: Your Guide to Changing Consumer Preferences
    * How consumer preferences are changing, and how retailers and delivery providers respond
    * Post-Covid shopping trends in flux: how retailers and delivery providers can adjust
    * From green delivery to locker roll-outs: new data from DHL eCommerce Solutions debated with a leading e-commerce retailer
    • Workshops
    Workshop Studio
    Boost Your International Growth: Hassle-free Cross-border E-commerce
    * Why you should boost your sales in relevant third countries in Europe
    * Tools and systems that allow you to grow beyond the borders of the EU with minimal effort and in the shortest possible time
    * Concentrate on your core business rather than taking administra-tive challenges in VAT and customs clearance
    * Be more relaxed about customs, taxes and dealing with authorities
    * Increase your customer satisfaction through fast returns and refund processes
    • Case Studies
    Case Studies
    Go Beyond Standard Customer Emails With Data-powered Engine of Operations Experience Management — Post-purchase Process
    * See how industry-wide customer trends like supply chain delays and growing return rates are increasing the need for robust post-purchase strategies
    * Discover why providing real-time, branded experiences will drive growth and feed your bottom line
    * See the real-time results: impressive conversion rates (11teamsports), strong performance stats (MediaMarktSaturn), double-digit basket increases (Lidl), high open rate on emails (Bergzeit), reduction in ‘Where Is My Order?’ questions (Granit), notable increase in customer reviews (Hessnatur)
    * Hear from Patagonia, who will share what challenges they face in this ever-changing market AND how employing a data-driven post-purchase solution has driven real results
    • Innovation Theatre
    Innovation Theatre
    How Dwarfs Scales Its Operations Rapidly in a New Business Model by Leveraging Technology
    * Acquiring 11 companies with 21 e-commerce brands in a year — how did we do it?
    * The magic formula to managing a growing turnover and portfolio
    * Rapid scaling essentials: different IT systems, algorithms, and an agile working
    * Mastering e-commerce operations scale-up
    • Rapid Fire Debate
    Rapid Fire Debate
    Is Now the Moment for Retailers to Embrace Out of Home?
    * Why home delivery is unsustainable and is reaching a tipping point
    * The key to enhancing customer satisfaction: how out of home solves for the modern consumer
    * Ecological and economic deliberations on out of home and home delivery
    * Driving efficiencies: seasonal peaks, delivery staff support, less emissions, cost cutting
    • Workshops
    Workshop Studio
    Borderless Is the New Vogue — Your Roadmap to Stellar European Deliveries
    * Creating solution designs, fast: responding to complex changes in regulatory requirements
    * Brexit busters: "How we eased the impact on UK-EU cross-border trade"
    * Championing the red tape and customs processes — EU-UK & EU-CH trade in a breeze
    * How customs-tailored approaches can make your day
    * Redefining and refining processes thorough effective logi-tech
    * Automation, speed, and customs compliance: ensuring efficiency and speed
    * Navigating government rules, restrictions and involved systems
    * Ensuring fast deliveries and real-time status: finding the right ‘t’ solution
    * Overcoming employees' fears and reservations: new technology and a changing work environment
    • Case Studies
    Case Studies
    Looking Into the Future — Fulfillment Operations for the 21st Century
    * With no sign of supply chain pressures going away, how do you continue to adapt fulfillment operations to stay ahead?
    * What weaknesses are exposed by labour shortages, global events, and consumer expectations in the now old technologies?
    * What are new thinking and technologies to consider?
    * Hear how a global fashion retailer is investing in robotic automation and artificial intelligence to future proof their fulfillment operations
    • Innovation Theatre
    Innovation Theatre
    E-Commerce At A Crossroads - innovations that Help Reduce Delivery Costs
    * How to expand internationally at low costs?
    * How to combine sustainability with saving costs when shipping abroad ?
    * How to save 25% on shipping costs to Switzerland?
    • Rapid Fire Debate
    Rapid Fire Debate
    Increasing Brand Value and Ensuring Customer Retention Through Environmentally Friendly Packaging
    * Retailers and brands need to live up to consumers’ sustainability expectations: what state-of the-art solutions exist that fit circularity metrics
    * How to offer the guilt-free shopping experience: solving problems in a magical way through leveraging the right technology at the right time
    * Sustainability and the wow factor: how to partner with retailers to create sustainable supply chains
    • Workshops
    Workshop Studio
    How to Enable e-Commerce in 2022
    * An in-depth overview of e-shoppers expectations
    * How to develop in a world of uncertainties: “end” of Covid crisis but rising inflation, global unrest, higher cost of energy and supply chain disruptions
    * Impact of this new economy on customers, brands, retailers and carriers
    • Keynote Theatre
    Keynote Theatre
    The future is bright. The future of e-commerce will make us proud
    • Case Studies
    Case Studies
    Delivering the Retail Revolution: Technology, Efficiency & Sustainability
    * Shifting customer expectations and what the delivery landscape looks like for retailers in this post-pandemic sphere
    * How retailers can leverage efficiency and sustainability to create a delivery model that reflects their customers’ needs
    * How tech is the key in being able to revolutionise operational efficiency, whilst simultaneously helping build a more sustainable urban landscape
    * A deep dive into some of Stuart’s case studies, which will show how we work on bringing all of these elements together
    * And lastly, a glimpse into what we believe the future of retail delivery to look like.
    • Innovation Theatre
    Innovation Theatre
    A Technology Pitstop — How Well Do You Understand Your Delivery Performance in Light of Recent Trends That Are Shaping Retail?
    * How to reduce the customer service burden with Tracking API
    * Innovative tools that take the hassle out of returns
    * Satisfying city-dwellers’ need for speed
    * Why should you add ‘out of home’ delivery options to your e-commerce website
    * The need to cater for environmentally conscious consumers with Delivery Options
    * Ways to leverage store inventory with ‘ship from store’
    * An overview of global expansion tools that work
    • Rapid Fire Debate
    Rapid Fire Debate
    Managing and Fulfilling Order Requests in an Omnichannel Sales Crazed Reality
    * The omnichannel dilemma: highly optimised supply chain versus highly customized experience
    * When it comes to OMS, why can't you teach the old dog new tricks?
    * OMS: All roads lead to Rome
    * What are the main adversities in the order management process? Key challenges and solutions
    * What to consider when evaluating order management software
    • Workshops
    Workshop Studio
    Transform Your Supply Chain to Address Your Omnichannel Challenges
    * How a European leader in logistic execution can help you in meeting your goals
    * Factory, Warehouse, Urban hubs : Logistic is everywhere. Use your inventory where it is to respect client promise
    * Execution, Visbility, Orchestration : the three layers for a seamless omnichannel operation
    * Use Cases and Typical Pain points addressed
    • Case Studies
    Case Studies
    The El Dorado of Crazy Thinkers — We Achieved 100% Carbon Neutrality, So Can You
    * What is sustainable e-commerce and how do we get there?
    * An overview of the current state of play and future direction of sustainability in our industry
    * How to reach carbon neutrality by investing in projects which promote renewable energy and support local communities; the case of Gaolin Wind Project in China
    * Pathways to stride towards a greener business model
    • Innovation Theatre
    Innovation Theatre
    Take the Stress Out of Cross-border Shipping and Focus on Growing Your Business
    * What are the most important factors to consider when looking for the best shipping software?
    * Choosing the right shipping platform — four important requirement considerations: serviceability, reverse logistics, tech enablement, price & costs
    * Top features to look out for in a shipping software
    * What do additional services mean for your bottom line?
    • Rapid Fire Debate
    Rapid Fire Debate
    The Journey to Scale e-Commerce Internationally
    * For those who dream of global expansion — building omnichannel customer experiences in each market
    * What are the best strategies for reaching new markets?
    * How to prioritise markets for expansion
    * e-Commerce multitasking: managing growth in multiple markets
    * End-to-End Thinking as strategic differentiator
    * Product Availability — Inbound Matters
    • Workshops
    Workshop Studio
    Six 'Gotcha’s' to Consider Before Implementing e-Commerce Automation
    * e-Commerce automation advantages and disadvantages: what to consider before evaluating automation for your business
    * Implementation time, scalability, and flexibility
    * Efficiency and adaptability
    * Robotic picker - major saving driver
    * Raas (Robot as a Service) vs CAPEX
  1. Lunch
    • Case Studies
    Case Study
    Post-purchase Experience & Shipping Delays with Harry's (
    * Global shipping delays are impacting all of us, what can you do to improve the customer experience?
    * Utilising reporting and BI to navigate and improve last mile delivery 
    * Identifying the root cause of delivery exception to improve overall lead times
    * Optimising carrier performance to improve the on-time rate
    • Innovation Theatre
    Innovation Theatre
    Next Generation e-Commerce Packaging - What It Is and Why You Need It
    * A brief history of e-commerce packaging — how we have arrived at the current solutions
    * Why your current packaging solutions are no longer suitable for this rapidly changing world
    * What is Next Generation Packaging: definition, meaning, and understanding why now there is an even greater need for them
    • Rapid Fire Debate
    Rapid Fire Debate
    Why a Carrier Mix is Necessary to Succeed in Cross Border e-Commerce?
    * Why it is essential to create local relevance for each customer in the target market when you set out to establish international presence?
    * Getting a market advantage: what enables you to be fast, flexible and customer-focused locally — importance of right last-mile partners
    * Why you should give retailers flexibility on their last mile delivery choices
    * How can online retailers offer the perfect shopping experience? What do they need to consider, and is it true that every country has its own individual preferences?
    • Workshops
    Workshop Studio
    Uncovering the Trends That Will Impact Retail Supply Chains
    * Analysing key factors with the greatest impact
    * A focus on new trends and how these will impact returns
    * Priorities to watch — what will improve retail supply chain performance
    * Key actions to take that will deliver results
    * How to win back control over your inventory management and navigate future challenges
    * Key considerations that will further improve supply chain stability
    * The steps to take to optimise performance, improve efficiencies and create greater stability for your retail business
    • Case Studies
    Case Studies
    Customizing International Shipping for E-Commerce
    Businesses in logistics and retailing can take control of e-commerce package delivery much like Amazon instead of relying on traditional shipping and logistics solutions.
    • Innovation Theatre
    Innovation Theatre
    AI at Your Service for a Greener, Faster, Efficient Transportation and Delivery — Optimising Routes
    * Make an earnest attempt at being “different, better, or both” — boost your operations with a tailor-made route optimisation solution
    * Your key to reducing your last-mile transportation costs by 15-20%
    * TLC for your customers — improving on-time delivery rates
    * How to increase visibility, thus efficiency
    • Rapid Fire Debate
    Rapid Fire Debate
    Championing Efficient, Predictive and Organised Logistics Operations in a Borderless World
    * Mountains of data, molehills of intelligence — why you must translate data into actionable intelligence that ensures visibility
    * How to master delivery management as a competitive differentiator — bettering deliveries by taking direct control of your logistics landscape
    * Building resilience blocks through intelligent delivery platforms: what to look out for?
    * Sustainability considerations to be mindful of: OTIF + zero carbon is a possibility – brands’ impact on consumers’ decision about sustainable last mile delivery
    • Workshops
    Workshop Studio
    Creating the Collaborative Omnichannel Supply Chain of the Future for Consumers — Unlocking Value
    * How to align your end-to-end logistics solutions with the latest consumer preferences
    * How to combine innovative warehousing with innovative transport to make a difference
    * Winning from competition with Total Supply
    * The strength of shared platforms and intelligent collaboration : Colisweb and GVT
    • Keynote Theatre
    Keynote Theatre
    Your Carbon Footprint Culprit: Greening the Supply Chain
    • Keynote Theatre
    Keynote Theatre
    The Orbuculum Is Changing Colour: the Hybrid Retail of the Future

  • "A very positive, intense and fun event!... DELIVER 2019 was a great opportunity to have excellent and open 1:1 discussions with retailers and potential customers."
    Smurfit Kappa
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