Gavin Mounce

Gavin Mounce

e-commerce Design Manager, DS Smith
Gavin is the e-commerce Design Manager for DS Smith Packaging and a seasoned packaging professional with over twenty seven years’ experience in innovation.
Over this time, he has developed a thought leadership position within e-commerce packaging, which has resulted in the development of multiple award winning, sustainable and market leading scalable solutions, as well as the creation of the DISCS™ e-commerce test process, equipment and building of two laboratories in the UK and Netherlands.
His comprehensive history has seen Gavin become an expert in packaging supply chain problem solving and testing certification, not only supporting couriers and global customers, but also being called upon as a subject matter expert at forums, webinars and innovation sprints.
This knowledge and industry experience has provided Gavin with the key skills to develop next generation materials, processes and designs, ensuring the customers and teams he works with, can achieve the highest levels of sustainability and cost optimisation.