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Michael Gryszko-Prattes

Michael Gryszko-Prattes

Director of Distribution, ASICS

Michael Gryszko-Prattes is Director of Distribution & Business Transformation at ASICS EMEA. In his role, he is responsible for a seamless product flow from countries of origin, via distribution centers in EMEA up to the last mile delivery to the final omnichannel customer base as well as for driving forward transformative cross-functional change management undertakings. 

His focus is on the illumination and continuous improvement of all integrated end-to-end supply chain processes in order to achieve an optimal balance between agility, service level and costs.  

After leading roles in business controlling, he joined ASICS in 2015 as operations responsible for the region of Central Europe. After implementing a centralized Business Intelligence team in EMEA, he took over responsibility for the European Central Warehouse in Krefeld (GER) before taking up his current position in 2020.