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Riccardo Mannhöfer

Riccardo Mannhöfer

Chief Commercial Officer, Urbify

Riccardo Mannhöfer, Urbify's Chief Commercial Officer, brings vast experience in retail logistics, pivotal in establishing Amazon's last-mile delivery in Germany and was responsible for all deliveries and returns in Europe and Russia for In the dynamic landscape of European retail, the rise of Chinese competitors challenges us to redefine our strategies. Will we simply engage in price wars, or will we elevate our brand through a relentless commitment to quality and unparalleled customer convenience? That's where Urbify comes in, offering the #1 premium customer experience solution.

Collaborating with industry giants like ASOS, MyProtein, and ZARA, Urbify transforms the retail landscape, setting new standards for excellence. With our same-day and next-day service, we not only guarantee swift delivery but also ensure that every order arrives within a precise 1-hour delivery window, achieving over 99% delivery success. At Urbify, the customer isn't just a priority - they are the heart of everything we do. In this era of competition, let's not just survive - let's thrive. Let's embrace quality, convenience, and an unparalleled delivery experience. Together with Urbify, let's set the new standard for retail excellence.