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Royanna Chappell

Royanna Chappell

VP of Strategic Accounts, Ocado Intelligent Automation

Royanna is an accomplished supply chain practitioner who has spent more than 30 years in the Supply Chain Industry impacting business processes within distribution, transportation planning, forecasting, demand planning and systems integration. 


Royanna joined 6 River Systems, part of Ocado Group in 2019, initially tasked with designing and selling warehouse robotic solutions to some of the largest global supply chains. She quickly took on the challenge of sales leadership roles in the commercial organization.  For those that know her, you realize or have experienced  her passion for the supply chain industry.  She enjoys working through workflow details or the process problem that is impacting operational costs and ultimately the end-customer experience.  She leverages her industry knowledge to assist customers in achieving  the desired future operational state.  She was promoted to VP of Sales at 6RS in 2023 and took on her current role through the merger into the Ocado family.