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DELIVER Europe 2023 – Bonus Keynote Insights 

DELIVER Europe 2023 – Bonus Keynote Insights 

DELIVER sat down with the Europe 2023 keynote speakers to learn more about their unique perspectives – on everything from the changing role of DEI, to the future of retail, to the health of the circular economy, to the challenges facing supply chain leaders... and so much more. Read their insights below.

You can also read our compilation of these insights in the DELIVER Europe 2023: Bonus Keynote Insights Report.

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  • Michelle Garres shares insights on mobilising changes in your supply chain, choosing effective changemakers, and mapping your organisation's future.
  • Caroline Zimmermann shares insights on embracing collaboration, 'conducting the orchestra' as a leader, and the importance of a single source of truth.
  • Gabriel Moos shares insights on cross-border business after Brexit, how to simplify these processes, and the need for customer-focused solutions.
  • Marian Temmen shares insights on supply chain transparency, staying 'close to the needle' in fashion production, and the importance of serviced provider support.
  • Tony Sciarrotta shares insights on the escalating returns crisis, changing industry mindsets, and locating liability of environmental impacts.
  • Essam ElOkda shares insights on the retail revolution, they hybrid future, and the importance of effective communication.
  • Amelia Kallman shares insights on using AI as a colleague, the 'new fakes market', and educating employees against risk.
  • Andrew Busby shares insights on the return of 'brick & mortar', the market town renaissance, and the service journey ahead.
  • Dr Carolyn Mair shares insights on understanding inclusivity, designing for everyone, and mindful retail.
  • Jane Burkitt shares insights on leading by welcoming, the power of representation, and energising through engagement.