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DELIVER Joins HeForShe - Be the Change

DELIVER Joins HeForShe - Be the Change
DELIVER, Europe’s premier community for e-commerce & logistics, has joined HeForShe,  the UN Women Solidarity Movement for Gender Equality, in a tangible commitment towards  accelerating gender equality. 

 We believe DELIVER’s unique, interconnected network of retail, e-commerce and logistics  leaders can be mobilised to effect real and lasting societal change. 

Gender inequality limits the ability of individuals, businesses, and communities to reach their  full human, economic and social potential. To help solve this global challenge and achieve full  gender equality for all, it is vitally important that the entirety of our traditionally disparate  industry participates in the conversation and becomes part of the solution. 

DELIVER has therefore pledged to the HeForShe movement that it will priorities female executives as plenary speakers at our flagship in-person event, DELIVER 2022, on 8+9  June, Amsterdam. 

This year, we have built the 12 keynotes around four pillars that will propel our industry  forward through essential transformative strategies, in a dialogue led by female  leadership: 

STARTING OUT: “The Gamechangers” Sustainability & Circularity 

ESG & Brand Loyalty 

Diversity & Inclusion 

THE JOURNEY: “Setting the Scene” Digital Transformation 

Customer Innovation 

Distribution & Fulfilment 

THE TURNING POINT: “The Next Level” Sustainable Transportation 

Last Mile Delivery 

Greening the Supply Chain 

THE OPEN ROAD: “Full Throttle” Modern E-commerce 

Green Policies for Investability 

Hybrid Shopping 

As a part of the extended DELIVER family, this is an open invitation for you to become  agents of change, join the cause, and serve as a catalyst for improvement. 


Join us in this mission, and show a real commitment to HeForShe by:

• nominating and inviting progressive female leaders from your retail clients;

• having your senior executives make public statements before and during the event on  how they will contribute to achieving gender equality at your organisation;

• inspiring other attendees by providing concrete commitments to be followed up on  after DELIVER 2022; and 

• enthusiastically encouraging others to join the HeForShe movement until there is  gender parity at the most senior levels in our industry.  

We’d like to express our sincerest gratitude for your participation in this ground-breaking  movement! 

Send your nominations and/or introductions to DELIVER’s Content and Programme Director,  Ayça Apak, at so she can discuss their possible participation in more detail. 



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