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As Tony’s Inspire to Actress, Joke (that’s pronounced Yo-ka) is growing Tony’s Open Chain, founded by Tony's Chocolonely. At Tony’s we believe that our 5 Sourcing Principles (100% traceable beans, paying a higher price that enables a living income, strong farmers, long-term relationships, and quality & productivity) form the foundation of bringing equality into the cocoa value chain. We want to inspire other chocolate brands to do the same by joining us in our way of working in the Open Chain and becoming mission allies. Together, we can change the norm in the chocolate industry. Joke has over 20 years of both field and market experience in nonprofit sustainable agriculture work and sustainability standards (Rainforest Alliance, FSC, RSPO, Fairtrade). When she isn’t fighting for sustainable livelihoods and land-use, you can find Joke with her head in a book, in the kitchen cooking something (probably Japanese or Korean, lately), or getting some fresh air with her sketchbook in hand. Session time: Thursday - 2 February 2023 04:30 - 05:00PM CET
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