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DELIVER Europe 2023 – Read Our Bonus Keynote Insights Report

DELIVER Europe 2023 – Read Our Bonus Keynote Insights Report

DELIVER Europe 2023 in Amsterdam featured an incredible agenda of keynote sessions from some of the most important and influential global
voices in our industry.
DELIVER sat down with each of these speakers after their keynotes to learn more about their unique perspectives – on everything from the changing role of DEI, to the future of retail, to the health of the circular economy, to the challenges facing supply chain leaders... and so much more.
You can now read our compilation of these extra insights in the DELIVER Europe 2023: Bonus Keynote Insights Report.

Download the report

  • Our final CONNECT Global 2023 preview, featuring the exciting speaker line-up for Day Four: The Future – People, and Day Five: The Future – Transformation
  • DELIVER has confirmed its new leadership management team is now in post and ready for 2023
  • A preview of the exciting CONNECT Global 2023 speaker line-up for Day Two: The Future – Retail, and Day Three: Delivery & Last Mile
  • As we approach the start of CONNECT Global, here’s a preview of the exciting speaker line-up we have planned for Day One: Logistics Challenges
  • In the run-up to CONNECT Global, we take a look at the 2023 trends that will shape Q1 retail, e-commerce and supply chain decisions and influence strategic positioning deep into the new year
  • 1. Focused Agendas With the rise in remote working, many are experiencing the condition dubbed ‘Zoom fatigue’. Spending too long in a virtual meeting can be particularly draining and as a result, we h ...
  • As we prepare for CONNECT Global in January 2023, we look at five reasons you should reserve space in your diary for the post-pandemic digital event
  • Is livestream shopping the next big thing, or will its success remain restricted to an Asian market eager to embrace its heady mix of retail wish-fulfilment and influencer-driven entertainment?
  • In the latest edition of our DELIVER 2022 Keynote Insight series, Arav Group CEO Mena Marano discusses how adopting a 'sustainability mindset' can help save your business - and the planet
  • The Sustainability Questions Customers Are Asking   In her keynote address at DELIVER 2022, Stine Måseidvåg, Voice of the Customer Lead at Scandinavian travel gear company Db Journey, explained that D ...


What's So Special About DELIVER?

We pack months of meetings into a whirlwind two-day conference. Using our unique matchmaker platform, we pair commerce delegates with the best supply chain businesses to help them achieve their goals. 4,500 meetings took place at DELIVER 2023, with 98% of attendees securing new prospects and taking their conversation forward.

DELIVER 2023: Workshop Studio - Metapack

Driving Customer Retention with the Right Delivery Options

When economic conditions are tough, every step of the customer journey is critical. This interactive workshop will use latest market insights and real-life case studies, providing the data to enable you to tailor your delivery options at check-out.

DELIVER 2023: Workshop Studio - Bringg & Asda

Changing the Tyres at 70MPH: How Asda and Bringg are Driving Innovation in eCommerce

David Parry (Bringg) and Dan Owens MBE (Asda) discuss Asda’s exciting journey: how Bringg’s delivery management platform empowers them to deliver an exceptional omni-channel experience, bringing their last-mile delivery operations to a new level.

DELIVER 2023: Workshop Studio - Colissimo 

Take Control of Your e-Commerce Business With Reliable and Sustainable Solutions

Looking for expertise and reliability to help you expand in France? Need a problem solver to overcome complex cross-border challenges? Willing to do this sustainably? Partner with Colissimo – and give your customers the service quality they deserve.