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The DELIVER Report: e-Commerce & Logistics: The Evolving Journey

The DELIVER Report: e-Commerce & Logistics:
The Evolving Journey

The e-commerce and logistics industry is undergoing remarkable change: in the way we do business; in our response to unprecedented challenges; and in our understanding of the industry’s role in the future of our planet.

This in-depth report includes data from a variety of trusted sources across the industry, and invaluable insights from a range of influential voices in e-commerce, logistics and supply chain.

It explores the current and future industry trends discussed in 52 content sessions at  #DELIVER2022.
  • Our final CONNECT Global 2023 preview, featuring the exciting speaker line-up for Day Four: The Future – People, and Day Five: The Future – Transformation
  • DELIVER has confirmed its new leadership management team is now in post and ready for 2023
  • A preview of the exciting CONNECT Global 2023 speaker line-up for Day Two: The Future – Retail, and Day Three: Delivery & Last Mile
  • As we approach the start of CONNECT Global, here’s a preview of the exciting speaker line-up we have planned for Day One: Logistics Challenges
  • In the run-up to CONNECT Global, we take a look at the 2023 trends that will shape Q1 retail, e-commerce and supply chain decisions and influence strategic positioning deep into the new year
  • 1. Focused Agendas With the rise in remote working, many are experiencing the condition dubbed ‘Zoom fatigue’. Spending too long in a virtual meeting can be particularly draining and as a result, we h ...
  • As we prepare for CONNECT Global in January 2023, we look at five reasons you should reserve space in your diary for the post-pandemic digital event
  • Is livestream shopping the next big thing, or will its success remain restricted to an Asian market eager to embrace its heady mix of retail wish-fulfilment and influencer-driven entertainment?
  • In the latest edition of our DELIVER 2022 Keynote Insight series, Arav Group CEO Mena Marano discusses how adopting a 'sustainability mindset' can help save your business - and the planet
  • The Sustainability Questions Customers Are Asking   In her keynote address at DELIVER 2022, Stine Måseidvåg, Voice of the Customer Lead at Scandinavian travel gear company Db Journey, explained that D ...


What's So Special About DELIVER?

We pack months of meetings into a whirlwind two-day conference. Using our unique matchmaker platform, we pair e-commerce delegates with the best logistics businesses to help them achieve their goals. 3,500 meetings took place at DELIVER 2021 , with 98% of attendees securing new prospects and taking their conversation forward.

DELIVER 2021: Workshop Studio 10 - MyParcel 

Expanding to New Markets

No matter the phase of your business, expanding to new markets brings challenges. Determining the best logistical approach is key when preparing for these expansions to new countries and/or with new carriers. We will discuss key considerations that will help you with your shipping strategy. 

DELIVER 2021: Workshop Studio 9 - Meest 

Crossborder Logistics On-demand: Designer of Logistics and IT Solutions

Learn how to find the best balance between logistics products, territorial coverage and variating carrier performance. Instant access to the best-in-class local carriers with one digital and logistics solution. Regardless of your type of shipment, entry point, customs processing, or last mile delivery services, you’ll always find the best delivery option. And if you don't find your option, it is possible to design new solutions on demand, be it separately or in full: Transportation, Customs, Omni-channel, Last Mile, COD, Easy Returns and Refunds.

DELIVER 2021: Workshop Studio 8 - Yandex 

Driving Retail EBITDa With Geo-tech: B2B & B2C delivery

"Practical cases from Russian large retail players operating thousands of orders and hundreds of couriers per day."

Finding the right balance between logistics costs and customer services is a key challenge for retail and e-commerce. Efficient last mile means a lot in terms of profitability and competition. We’ll show how using of modern geo-technologies can help to make retail business profitable and at the same time keep a high level of customer satisfaction.

DELIVER 2021: Workshop Studio 7 - Fulfillment Tools

Digital Transformation with Omnichannel Fulfilment

Leading retailers leverage offline & online via smart omnichannel fulfilment. To date digital transformation in retailing has focused on promotion and in-bound logistics. Only recently has it started to focus on fulfilment. With the realization that successful digital transformation is rare, leading retailers have started to focus on leveraging the strengths of their offline presence with the advantages of being online to become an omnichannel retailer. Join the discussion on how state-of-the-art omnichannel fulfilment delivers benefits to retailers and their customers.

DELIVER 2021: Workshop Studio 5 - Shopopop

Peer-to-peer Home Delivery : Solve Your Last Mile Logistics Issues

Learn how the collaborative delivery model is designed to solve all last mile logistics issues while quickly adapting to territorial challenges. If the duty of retailers is to improve online experience - 60% of Europeans buy online at least once a month - then home delivery plays a key role in maintaining customer loyalty and increasing sales. Whether you aim to offer a quick and flexible service or to develop ahead of other players in your sector, crowdshipping allows you to deliver to customers from your store rather than from a warehouse, in both urban and rural areas. In this workshop, learn how the collaborative delivery model is designed to solve all last mile issues: unlimited delivery numbers per time window, 3h/ on-demand delivery, no additional structural or logistical costs...

DELIVER 2021: Workshop Studio 4 - BoxC

Fulfilment Offshoring | Adding Flexibility and Opportunity

An introduction to the multiple opportunities of fulfilment offshoring and the strategies for implementation. Shrink the supply chain. Reduce time to market and speed backorders. Reduce or eliminate duties and duty drawbacks. Expand to new markets. Test new products. These are the multiple opportunities that e-commerce retailers can take advantage of by leveraging fulfilment offshoring close to their manufacturers and suppliers. The strategies to implement fulfilment offshoring can be focused on one country, multiple countries or a free trade zone, allowing for flexibility and future growth.

DELIVER 2021: Workshop Studio 3 - Hardis Group

How to Optimise Omnichannel Logistics Through Hubs & Stores

The store now operates as a logistics hub to face the omnichannel challenges. Discover how in our session. "The advent of omnichannel retail and changing consumer practices has lead in a transformation of the traditional logistics. To answer these needs, retail outlets, drive-through collection points, dark stores and urban hubs have become a pillar to manage stock, optimise omnichannel logistics processes and enhance the customer satisfaction. Attend the Reflex session and discuss with our In-Store solution expert these new challenges."

DELIVER 2021: Workshop Studio 2 - Colissimo

Delivery, Key Success Factor in the French e-Commerce Market

Discover the specificities of this market with high growth potential and ways to succeed. E-commerce in France is booming. Discover the specificities of this market with high growth potential and ways to succeed. And more specifically, delivery and returns, which are key success factors to live up to French consumers' expectations.


Challenging the Status Quo; Giving the Consumer More Control

When it comes to deliveries consumers are lucky if they get to choose a date. How much control should customers have? This debate will explore the benefits of changing online shopping behaviour to ultimately give the consumer more control, and the impact this will have on creating greener communities and more sustainable deliveries by reducing last mile journeys and emissions.

DELIVER 2021: Rapid Fire Debate 9 - Sendcloud

Cross Border; Making International Shipping Frictionless

International shipping can be complicated. This session will delve into how to make cross border shipping frictionless. "International shipping is no easy feat, join this session to learn how cross border shipping can be frictionless and affordable allowing as much flexibility for the customer as possible."

DELIVER 2021: Rapid Fire Debate 8 - Spring Post NL

Optimize Cross-Border Shipping Experience

Your global shipping process should integrate seamlessly with the local customer experience and needs. The e-commerce market continues to grow, and consumer expectations have never been higher. You need to optimize your local customer experience, combined with your global shipping process, to stay competitive.

DELIVER 2021: Rapid Fire Debate 7 - Seven Senders

Flexible, Fast & Sustainable: the New Cross-border Shipping

Carrier flexibility is essential to overcoming new cross-border shipping challenges like fast and sustainable delivery. A carrier mix incorporates the strengths and expertise of individual delivery partners per market. Especially on the last mile, leveraging innovative delivery partners focusing on trends like sustainability, timed delivery or real-time tracking of deliverers helps retailers differentiate. Carrier flexibility is also an advantage in peak times and crisis situations. Working with a single partner enables shippers to meet the needs of each market and react quickly if a carrier faces difficulties.

DELIVER 2021: Rapid Fire Debate 6 - Geodis

How CPG/FMCG Companies Take the Plunge Of DTC e-Commerce

Explore how CPG/FMCG companies adapt to go Direct-to-Consumer and can create the needed Customer Experience. During much of 2020, shoppers have changed their consumption habits within categories and purchasing channels. Online sales of Groceries, Hygiene and Health products, Toys, Hobby & DIY are surging from the lockdown. This debate will explore how e-commerce is impacting the CPG/FMCG Companies’ Customer Journey and their Supply Chain, and in which ways they can adapt to deliver the best and personalized Customer Experience.

DELIVER 2021: Rapid Fire Debate 4 - Exotec

One Fulfilment Solution for Growth, Peaks and All Channels?

Come discuss how Exotec is helping Haddad navigate a promising yet volatile future with its new e-Valley warehouse. In order to expand its order fulfilment capabilities, Haddad has decided to open a new warehouse at Europe’s largest e-logistics park: e-Valley. To cope with staggering growth, managing different channels and fluctuating demand throughout the year, Haddad has chosen to robotize its warehouse with Exotec’s Skypod system. In this session we will debate decision criteria & options when automizing fulfilment, reviewing Haddad’s use case at e-Valley.

DELIVER 2021: Rapid Fire Debate 3- Urb it

How to Make Last Mile Logistics More Sustainable

Urb-it explains the impact of sustainability on the last mile as well as the opportunities and challenges it presents The demand for last mile delivery solutions is projected to grow to around £44bn by 2025, with opportunity for further growth potential. In the session, Urb-it will host a live debate with a leading retailer, discussing the challenges of the last mile, the costs, complexities, and the changing shape of the market. Join the discussion to learn more about the options that are currently available for creating sustainability in the last mile and those being considered by retailers, e-tailers, and courier service providers.

DELIVER 2021: Case Study 10 - CMC

Kering: Sustainability Through Packaging

Luxury and sustainability are one and the same: packaging at the heart of Kering’s sustainability strategy. Sustainability is represented at every level of Kering’s business. To reduce packaging waste and shipping volumes for their B2B and B2C businesses, the group has worked in partnership with CMC Spa and implemented multiple CMC CartonWrap packaging machines to replenish their thousands global stores. CMC CartonWrap has helped Kering to eliminate void fills, reduce airfreight volumes and subsequently CO2 Emissions.

DELIVER 2021: Case Study 9 - paack

Value Creation Though an Impact Strategy: Paack ESG model

Paack's transition through sustainable deliveries to an impact-based & a purpose driven strategy, creating shared value. Like never before, we are facing the confluence of profound global crises and calling for transformative brand leadership. Logistics and retailers play a fundamental role in the co-creation of share value solutions in an era of shifting paradigms. Paack's impact-based and a purpose-driven strategy enables actions on strategic choices that integrate commercial value, as well as environmental and societal impact.

DELIVER 2021: Case Study - Storeshippers

Customer Experience Elevated: Rituals by StoreShippers

Bring the brand experience to the doorstep of your customer: Ship-from-store on a global scale. Adopting an omnichannel strategy is about putting your customer at the centre of your brand philosophy. Customers want to connect emotionally with your brand by recognizing themselves in your values and mission. They believe in buying from companies that forge a new path towards conscious consumerism without compromising on quality and responsiveness. Learn how to implement same-day and sustainable delivery solutions while communicating seamlessly your brand identity from an industry leader.

DELIVER 2021: Case Study 7 - Autostore

Manutan X Autostore experience, Ready for ultra density

Discover Manutan's implementation of an ultra-automated warehouse. Meeting consumer demands is no easy task, meaning maximising your storage space is more essential than ever. Join this session to learn how you can utilise technology to increase your storage capacity.