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Our Supply Chain Breakout Sessions

At every DELIVER event, our sponsors share their supply chain expertise in a valuable, insightful breakout session program. Here are just some of the highlights from DELIVER Europe 2023:

DELIVER 2023 Rapid Fire Debate: Autostore

AutoStore introduce e-commerce case studies in various segments as well as its latest innovation : a Multi Temperature solution for the Drive 4.0 to maximise both density and productivity as well as enabling unattended 24/7 Order Retrieval.

DELIVER 2023 Innovation Theatre: DHL

From social commerce to showrooming, this session explores upcoming trends in e-commerce, through the eyes of consumers, using exclusive information from DHL’s Online Shopper Survey.

DELIVER 2023 Workshop Studio: Geopost

In 2022, 70% of companies increased their sustainability investment. A look at the most effective avenue, based on recent market research amongst businesses and consumers conducted with Euromonitor International.

DELIVER 2023 Workshop Studio: FEDEX

How can you take advantage of the latest trends in cross-border e-commerce? From a global company with over 50 years’ logistics experience, our interactive session will help you grow your business and improve supply chain and fulfilment processes.

DELIVER 2023 Case Study: KBRW


It’s essential for all supply chain actors to be where their customers are. Omnichannel is not an option, but the rule - and it continues evolving. Join us to see how a high-performance OMS is the right solution for complex supply chain issues.

DELIVER 2023 Innovation Theatre: GLS

Real-time tracking hits two birds with one stone: it takes the UX to the next level and boosts productivity. Discover why customers love it, which delivery service offers the best tracking experience and how GLS improved its operations.


You can enjoy all the DELIVER Europe 2023 breakout sessions on our YouTube page:

DELIVER Events youtube channel