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Game Changer Winner

Ocado Intelligent Automation


Sustainability Winner

Spring GDS


Customer Experience Winner



Rising Star Winner

Relay Technologies


Brand Excellence Winner




If you're an attending retail leader at future DELIVER events, you'll be able to vote for your chosen vendor award winners and attend the awards ceremony. 



About the DELIVER Vendor Awards

This is where the the best suppliers in the Retail and E-commerce industry are crowned! We’re thrilled host industry-first vendor awards: celebrating the innovation and achievements of vendors participating in DELIVER events. All sponsoring vendors are eligible to apply within the DELIVER app and platform.


DELIVER Europe 2024 Vendor Award Categories

Game Changer Award

Game Changer Award

Where Innovation Meets Impact

We're looking for supply chain vendors that are shaking things up, pushing boundaries, and creating positive change. Whether it's a new product, a game-changing strategy, or a revolutionary approach to problem-solving, we want to hear about it. Tell us how your innovation is making waves, transforming the industry, and inspiring retailers to think differently. This is your chance to showcase your vision, your passion, and your commitment to making a real difference.

Sustainability Award

Sustainability Award

Celebrating Green Excellence

With consumers growing more environmentally aware, retailers' sustainable practices are under increased scrutiny, becoming an integral part of retail excellence. We seek to honour supply chain vendors championing positive change through innovative green solutions, aiding retailers meet their ESG goals, while reducing their environmental footprint and engaging in community support. Share initiatives reflecting your values, ground-breaking solutions, and tangible positive impacts.

Customer Experience Award

Customer Experience Award

Vendors Who Care and Wow

We're on the lookout for supply chain vendors who go the extra mile to deliver outstanding customer service to retailers. Whether it's through personalised care, smooth processes or creative solutions, we celebrate those who redefine what it means to wow customers. Share how your solutions are turning retailers’ transactions into extraordinary memories and leaving their customers feeling valued. This is your chance to showcase your commitment to enabling retailer happiness and raising the bar for excellence in your field.

Brand Excellence Award

Brand Excellence Award

Honouring Industry Trailblazers in Innovation and Excellence

This prestigious award will spotlight acclaimed vendors with outstanding brand reputation: solidifying their positions as leading industry voices. With impressive market credibility that results in high customer satisfaction and loyalty, these vendors stand out as trailblazers of innovation and excellence who set the bar high. You'll bring a proven track record of delivering high-quality products or services along with positive feedback from customers, partners, and industry experts.

Rising Star Award

Rising Star Award

Recognising New Supply Chain Disruptors    

Join us in celebrating the fresh faces of supply chain innovation! This prestigious award pays tribute to startups that are reshaping the industry landscape with their bold ideas and rapid growth. Open to companies operating for less than three years and generating under EUR 5 million in revenue, this accolade highlights your exceptional skills, visionary approach, and significant impact on the industry. Showcasing your potential to lead the way in the future of supply chain excellence.


DELIVER Vendor Awards

Preparing Your Award Entry.

Make your entry stand out and give yourself the best chance of being named a finalist and perhaps even our category winner. Here are a few pieces of advice to help you along the way:

  • Review the category criteria carefully. Your entry might be well thought out but if there are some criteria that you aren't eligible against, all of your hard work may go to waste. If you have a question about the criteria, you can always contact us.


  • Take time to build your storytelling. Concise entries that get straight to the point are fantastic, but if you have an innovation to explain, our judging panel want to be able to understand your entry on a deep level too. Step back and think about how the entry will read to someone who may not have heard of you or your product before


  • Prepare supporting documentation. The DELIVER award entry process is straightforward. So to give your application substance and credibility, prepare supporting documentation ahead of time that makes entering as easy as it should be.


  • Submit. Don't let your application go to waste by not entering in time.



Meet the Judges

Why Suppliers Enter the DELIVER Vendor Awards.

Enhanced reputation

Entrants and finalists at last year's DELIVER awards gave us some of their reasons for applying:

  • Increased visibility to new and existing customers on top of their event sponsorship

  • Brand awareness and reputability

  • Differentiation with competitors

  • PR and social media opportunities

  • Team celebration



2023 Winners