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AI Driven Revolution

Retail and supply chain industries are witnessing transformative shifts. Chatbots, augmented reality, and personalised recommendations create a seamless and immersive shopping journey. Artificial intelligence and machine learning enable retailers to analyse vast amounts of data, predicting consumer behavior and trends. And these are only few examples of the AI Revolution that we are witnessing.

Join us at DELIVER Europe as we delve into the heart of AI Transformation, uncovering the freshest innovations that are sculpting the future of retail. Embark on a journey where cutting-edge technology meets the forefront of shopping experiences.


  • Virtual and Augmented Reality for immersive Shopping Experiences
  • A new Era of Robotics and Automation
  • Innovation & Sustainability

Omnichannel vs Unified Retail

87% of shoppers now seek a personalized and consistent experience across various touchpoints. From effortless mobile transactions to personalized in-store engagement, it's more than shopping—it's a synchronized, customer-centric experience.

It's clear that multichannel experiences are unlikely to last, but what is the next breakthrough in retail experience?

Join us at DELIVER to gain insights into the future of commerce experiences, and join the discussion on omnichannel vs unified retail.


  • Omnichannel vs. Unified Commerce
  • Is Omnichannel dead?
  • Unified Retail Marketing

Embracing Change: a Decade Blueprint

The retail sector has experienced as much disruption in the past five years as it has in the previous 25, challenging some of the most traditional norms and geographic constraints.

As 2024 comes to an end, now is the time to be creating a new vision: What will your business look like a decade from now? And how are you going to get there?

Join us at DELIVER to hear expert insights into how to adapt to a new wave of change: expanding operations, diversifying suppliers, and exploring new markets beyond established territories.


  • Global Pivot: Strategic Diversification Beyond China
  • Above and Beyond Building a Sustainable Supply Chain
  • Localisation and Logistics: a Multi-Local Approach

Powering up Brands

A strong brand improves the customer experience, but how can you build a memorable brand in 2025?

At DELIVER we will discover insights on refining brand identities, revolutionizing customer engagement, and adapting to new generational shifts. Engage in dynamic discussions by leading global brands about reshaping brand narratives, leveraging influencers, and deploying cutting-edge approaches for a commanding retail presence.


  • How Brand Power Shapes the Future of In-Store Shopping Experiences
  • Power of purpose
  • Communicating a Sustainable Brand
  • The Importance of Storytelling